Dad’s War - Miscellaneous Items

19 Badge - For King and Country - Services Rendered

Badge 1:

“ For King and Empire - Services Rendered ”

21 scan0031
20 REME badge

Badge 2:

   “ R E M E ”

Shoulder Flash:

    “ R.E.M.E. “

22 51st Highland Devision Provost Company - June 1942

Picture caption says:

“ 51st Highland Division Provost Company - June 1942 “.

I think Dad’s on it but I’m not sure as I can’t pick him out. The only face that I think could be him (second row from the top and third from the right) is half hidden so I can’t be certain.

22 51st Highland Devision Provost Company - June 1942 - crop
23 ARmy Doll

Small doll (about 6 inches long) dressed in REME uniform possibly made by Mum.

24 Dads Portrait 11-44
25 Dads Portrait 11-44 - reverse

Portrait of dad - date in top corner states “11/44” (November 1944?). Drawn in charcoal on the back of a description of “Lady Orpen And Child” by Sir William Orpen, K.B.E., R.A.

26 Thanksgiving Service, Oslo






1st Airbourne Division

Var Frelsers Kirke

Sunday, May 27, 1945

The eight page program indicates that “The Lesson - I Chronicles 29. 10-15, 17-20 was read by Major-General R. E. Urquhart, C. B., D.S.O., G.O.C. 1st Airborne Division.

32 scan0029

Standing Orders For Drivers Of

Mechanical Vehicles (Wheeled)

And Motor Cyclists


Written on top, outside:

 No 7684338  L/cpl. Kerr J.W.


33 scan0030

Driver’s Name: KERR J. W.

Regiment or Corps: CORPS of MILITARY POLICE

Address of Driver’s Unit:

    Postal  51st (H) DIVISIONAL
                 PROVOST COMPANY

Written on the bottom are details of the bike:

    B.S.A.  W.D.No. 4172800. (SOLO)  500cc

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