39 Johnson Terrace, Washington, a terraced house with a totally enclosed back yard.

Not sure where this picture of me was taken, it could be Chester-Le-Street or Washintgon - but it does appear to be the right era.

Jeff at Cheste-le-Street or Washington
Door Hanging.
Mum was alerted by my yells in the backyard but could not see me. I must have been playing, climbing on the door of the coal house and while hanging from top of door it swung shut. Mum eventually spotted the little fingers peeping over the top of door and let me out.

Pencil Lead
Ann was pretending to put some pencil lead in her ear. Then it was my turn and being an idiot (well, I was only 2 or 3), I didn’t pretend and actually put the lead in my ear. I personally don’t remember this incident or the trip to Hospital that followed.

The house was demolished a long time ago.

Telegram (from Dad to Mum)

Bought House Telegram


  • Office Stamp  - New Washington, Co. Durham - 17 MY 50 - (17th May 1950)
  • To{  Kerr   39, Johnson Terrace
                      New Washington, Co Durham
  • Text:
    Have a bought a house

The house referred to was 26 Hemlock Avenue, Stapleford.

As an aside, this was not Dad’s first choice as he bought (I think) a plot of land at the junction of Wadsworth road and Nottingham Road in Stapleford and had plans draw up to build a house on it but I think there was some problem in getting planning permission. I came across the house plan in Mum’s possessions.

House Plans

The plans are dated 9th May 1949.

In 1967 26 Hemlock Avenue was sold to N. C. Kerr (Norman, Dad’s brother) for 2,300 and 11 Braefield Close, Kirk Hallam was bought for 3,700.

Mum’s Idendity Card.Mums ID Card OuterMums ID Card Inner

















The card refers to three different addresses:

  1. 2 Pelaw Terrace, South Pelaw, Chester-Le-Street.
    Stamp Date “OC 11 43” (October 11th 1943).
  2. 39 Johnson Terrace, Washington, Co.Durham.
    Stamp Date “-6 My 47” (6th May 1947)
  3. 26 Hemlock Avenue, Stapleford, Notts.
    Stamp Date “-6 JY 50” (6th July 1950)

The Declaration at the bottom of the card was signed by Mum’s father J. H. Errington on 20th October 1943 - Colliery Undermanager.

I assume that at some point Grandad (John Henry Errington,  died 4th July 1960 aged 74 at 44 Hilda Terrace, Chester-Le-Street) moved from 2 Pelaw Terrace to 11 Pelaw Terrace - possibly on his retirement?

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